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We support the development of study plans, course cards and curricula. We provide substantive support in the form of assistance of the Syllabus system team and system support in the form of automatic application functions.

We guarantee compliance with the applicable law. As part of our cooperation, we are committed to adapting the system to changes in regulations without additional costs.

We organise and systematise work related to the documentation of curricula. In addition, we develop the standard for subsequent didactic cycles, which significantly reduces the involvement of employees.

The Syllabus system is integrated by us with other applications operating at the university, in accordance with the rule of one data entry point.

In our opinion, the key aspect of implementation is to populate the system with data and quickly implement it to be used in terms of its full functionality. Only the combination of user data, functions and skills determines the usefulness and value of the system for universities.

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Structure of the system

The core of the system is used to create and manage study plans, course description cards and curriculums. Information contained in these documents, including hours and forms of classes, curriculum content, learning results, linking to university research, are a valuable source of data. Using the advanced analytical tools of the Syllabus system, the university will obtain knowledge helpful in the continuous process of improving the quality of education.

The Documentation module allows for efficient syllabus management thanks to extensive options and filters. The system has the function of automatic document checking - the correctness status is currently available to the administrator.
01. Intuitive to use, responsive syllable filling form.
02. Option to create syllabi covering more than one semester.
03. lectronic versions of syllabi available as a website or pdf document.
04. Blocked editing of individual syllabus sections.
05. Ability to fill in a syllabus without logging in to the system.
Meeting the requirements of 2.0 Act and accompanying regulations, increasing the chances of graduates on the labour market, as well as adapting the skills of graduates to the needs of employers, require constant analysis of the didactic offer. The Analytics module offers detailed reports and advanced tools supporting the university in this area.
01. Automatic checking of compliance of the study plans with the requirements, accompanying regulations and the requirements of educational standards.
02. Verification of study plans in terms of meeting the criteria set by the university.
03. Generating lists covering learning results.
04. Reporting the percentage share of disciplines for specific fields.
05. Checking subjects related to scientific research for general academic fields and practical classes for practical fields.

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The Syllabus system functions and is developed based on the work of seven people managed by Piotr Januszewski, PhD and Konrad Fuks, PhD - many-year scientific and didactic employees of the Poznań University of Economics and Business. Their experience and knowledge was the basis of the foundation of the Syllabus system.

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